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Who We Are

At Sound Speech Therapy, we bring many years of experience serving children,  adolescents, and adults in speech, language, voice, executive functioning, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), and social communication skills development. We have learned that progress in treatment comes when people are set up to succeed and we explore the joy of communication. Rather than requiring compliance, engagement in and the empowerment to communicate are key!

Using a client-centered approach, we work in tandem with clients, their families, and schools to identify goals and deliver individualized therapy to achieve lasting results. With an emphasis on family support and education, we provide extensive resources to parents and caregivers and encourage family involvement throughout the therapeutic process.


Services are provided via Telehealth and at our clinic in Old Lyme, CT. 

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Our Practice

At Sound Speech Therapy, we are committed to cultivating trusting and collaborative relationships with clients to improve lives through effective and individualized therapy.

We participate in advanced training programs and utilize the latest evidence-based treatments to ensure we deliver the best therapy possible. 


We offer speech & language therapy for children and teens to address:

Speech & Language Disorders

Social Communication Deficits

Executive Function Deficits/ ADHD

Echolalia (Scripting)



Feeding Challenges


We offer therapy for adults who are experiencing voice challenges such as chronic hoarseness, vocal nodules,  and  Vocal Cord Dysfunction. Therapy is also offered for speech and language challenges that are the result of stroke, dementia, brain injuries, or progressive neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.  

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