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Services Overview

At Sound Speech Therapy we are dedicated to providing the highest quality services for children, adolescents, and adults in speech, language, voice, executive functioning, AAC, and social communication skills development. We work in collaboration with our clients and their families to identify meaningful goals and address issues that impact daily life. Based on each individual's needs, we develop a comprehensive plan for therapy that includes providing clients and families with strategies to facilitate change outside of our therapy sessions. 

We are excited to also offer cutting-edge manual voice therapy to address chronic hoarseness, vocal nodules, vocal cord dysfunction, etc. 

Services are provided at our clinic in Old Lyme, CT.


Services Overview

Challenges Treated @ Sound Speech Therapy

Executive Function Deficits/ ADD & ADHD

  • Organization and planning

  • Attention and focus

  • Time management

  • Project/homework completion

  • Emotional and behavioral self-regulation

Augmentative  & Alternative

Communication (AAC)

  • High-tech electronic AAC device (similar to computers or tablets) training

  • Implementation of AAC using Aided Language Input

  • Significant attention given to Communication partner training to help expand a person's ability to communicate, using their AAC device, in all different ways and with all different people 

Social Communication Deficits

  • Social-communication development

  • Conversational skills and peer interactions ​

  • Expected and unexpected behaviors in different environments

  • Flexibility of thinking​

  • Inferencing/ perspective-taking 

Speech & Language Disorders​​

  • Articulation (speech sound disorders)

  • Phonological disorders​

  • Expressive and receptive language disorders

Areas of Speciality

 Echolalia (Scripting)

  • Targeted therapy for children who demonstrate echolalia (scripting)

  • Unique approach that considers echolalia as useful (e.g. functional) instead of detrimental

  • Identification of children who are 'gestalt language processors' (process language in 'chunks' rather than single words)

  • Family and educational team coaching to support the development of self-generated language 

Voice Disorders

  • Biodynamic manual voice therapy for:

    • Chronic hoarseness

    • Vocal nodules

    • Vocal cord dysfunction 


We are in-network with the following insurance companies:​​

  • Anthem

  • ​​​Medicare Part B​​

We also help clients secure reimbursement for our speech therapy services if we are out of network  with their insurance plan. Please contact us to inquire about our availability and insurance policies. 

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